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"XJC Muster" -
To be held at Echuca in October 2015.

PLEASE NOTE: Registrations have well and truly closed, with most events fully subscribed! We're sorry if you have missed registering for a great event!

the Holden Museum tour has been moved forward by 30 minutes to commence at 9.30am - this will give those of us who are doing the museum and then the 11.15am lunch cruise a little more time to take in the experience before heading off for lunch.

HOWEVER... you are still most welcome to come and display your XJC or checkout all the Jaguar and Daimler XJC's and other models on the Sunday display day. Muster information HERE

We are proud to announce the support of our sponsors, with Shannons being the major sponsor, and welcome our latest sponsor, Temby Auto Service of Eltham, Victoria. Please support them by clicking on the logos to visit their sites.



The Jaguar & Daimler XJ Coupes are amongst the world's most beautiful cars. It is also Jaguar's rarest production car with fewer than 10,500 built between 1975 and 1978.

The aim of this website is to maintain interest in the XJ Coupe by featuring coupes and information from Australia and around the world.

Australia is the lucky country indeed - (Jaguar Australia imported only 241 coupes into the country, which makes the XJC quite rare here now) because even though we have so few of them, we probably have some of the rarest coupes outside of the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Museum.

Examples which spring to mind are: The unique Series I Prototype resident in Western Australia and the only XJC to leave the factory at Browns Lane without a vinyl roof. One of the original Broadspeed Racing Coupes was resident in Sydney for many years and has since been sold and returned to the UK about April 2010.

The Register Pages will return here hopefully, and will be representative of coupes from all over the globe, no matter where they are. I'd be very pleased to hear from any coupe owner if you'd like to CONTACT me. I'd be most appreciative if you would kindly also REGISTER details of your coupe with me.

An XJC enthusiast runs this site for fellow enthusiasts - if you have some interesting XJC pictures, articles or information, or would like your coupe featured on this site, please contact me.

Kind regards,

Phil Evans