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"Jaguar XJC Muster - 2015"


Celebrations to mark the 40th Anniversary of the XJC
1975 - 2015

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PLEASE NOTE: the Holden Museum tour has been moved forward by 30 minutes to commence at 9.30am - this will give those of us who are doing the museum and then the 11.15am lunch cruise a little more time to take in the experience before heading off for lunch.

A grille badge... has been designed and is being produced which will be available for purchase. The badge will suit grille mounting or wherever you might choose to display it.

August 2014


Event - location, dates and contact details...

A group of enthusiasts are organising an event to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the commencement of XJC production in 1975 - "an XJC muster" to take place in Echuca VIC, from Friday the 16th till Sunday the 18th of October, 2015.

All Jaguar and Daimler XJC owners are cordially invited to attend. We are seeking expressions of interest so we may best organise accommodation and dining venues - please click on the image to the left for contact details or register your interest HERE - Thank you and we hope to see you and the coupe there!

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Launch of the XJC in Australia...

After years of development and the production of quite a few prototype XJ Coupes (including the Series l Prototype) which is in Australia, full production of the XJC, began in 1975. Some coupes were sold new here in 1975, however, Jaguar decided to officially launch the XJC, together with the XJ-S in 1976, at Mildura, Victoria. This photo,
(courtesy Les Hughes of the Jaguar Magazine) was taken at the official launch and the XJC in the photo is thought to have been a Greensand V12 model - (please click on it for a larger view)


The event organisers are John Mann and Allen Williams who are members of the Victorian Club, with John being the Vice President, Phil Prior is a member of the SA Jaguar club, and Phil Evans who is a member of the NSW club. 

We wished to pay homage to the official launch in Mildura, but have selected Echuca as the location We took into account that it will be difficult for many owners to attend this event given the distances to be travelled, and seriously considered Mildura and other locations, but finally settled on a more central location.

However, please consider attending and being part of an event that doesn't come around very often - a display day in Sydney some years ago had 22 coupes attend - we would like to well and truly exceed that number - can you help!

We’re organising this event independently, but have asked for the support of all the Jaguar and Daimler clubs in Australia, in terms of contacting owners, placing publicity and notices in magazines and on websites to advise of the event, and to keep attendees up to date. We will also ask for notifications in club magazines for those with club or historic registered cars, so that they can drive to the event legally.

This is not a business opportunity and no monies are to be made – just a social get together of XJC owners.

The organisers will soon name a preferred accommodation venue, a place where we can all stay together. No monies will be collected and it is anticipated that attendees will make their own reservations and pay for any dinners or the like that are organised they would like to attend.

The event will be run along the lines of a National Rally – welcome and get together on a Friday night, informal display on the Saturday (maybe a small award or two), with a dinner on that night (with maybe a few awards given out). A breakfast on the Sunday for those heading home. Echuca is a great location, with a variety of attractions on offer for those who don’t want to talk about or look at our beautiful cars all day (can't understand why they wouldn't, though!)