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XJC models have become a bit of a collectors item over recent times.  Auctions online such as eBay have proved very popular with enthusiasts, who snap up the models for their collections.  It seems a week does not go by without an XJC model becoming available on eBay.  The most frequent items on there are the Corgi Coastguard and Police car series, as well as the Corgi XJ12C models.  In the last couple of years, one of the fastest growing collector markets has been in Asia, with the new 'micro' models being extremely popular.   So far, Jaguar or Daimler models have not appeared in this series.

If you have any good photographs of XJC models that you would like to share with us, then please do not hesitate to contact us here at XJC.   In addition if you have information on any XJC models for sale,  then let us know so we can feature them on our site.  Below you will find some selected items that have come to our attention.   The list will be added to as we go along.  Click the pics to enlarge.

Corgi #286 XJ12C in Red
This model was found on eBay with not much in the way of detail. Actually displayed in the wrong box !

The Dinky Big Cat model
This is a semi regular on eBay, and can usually be bought for around US$10 - $15.

Summer XJ12C S689
This very rare 1:64 scale model is made in Hong Kong.  Although the detail and attention  to originality leaves a lot to be desired, probably still worth having in your collection.  The purchase price on eBay was US$4.99 as of 15 June 2002.

Corgi XJ12C model
This model is a semi regular on eBay, and 
can usually be bought for around US$5-$15

Kiko XJC model
This was a pic that we picked up off eBay. Not much in the way of details, other than it was made in Brazil. Made from old Corgi moulds ?

Replicar BV model
This model was found on eBay with not much in the way of detail or information.

Guisval XJC
This model was listed under our 'Unknown models' but Salvador Lopez from Spain has written with the identity of the model.

Salvador informs that these were made in
Spain in the late '70's and are approx
1/64 scale.

He has two of these, maybe a bit older with
no decals and finished in silver metallic.

Many thanks, Salvador.

Corgi  Coupe Corner

Pewter XJC Model from the Danbury Mint Collection

SMTS Models

Unknown XJC Models - can you help identify them?