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One of the main aims of this website is to provide a means of identifying and recording the whereabouts of all XJ Coupes of any variant (dead or alive!).

There is, and always has been tremendous worldwide interest in the XJC - widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and desirable cars ever produced by Jaguar.

It is hoped that by identifying and recording the whereabouts of as many coupes as possible, that this interest will continue, and indeed grow. A register or database will provide an invaluable resource to owners and potential owners.

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Whilst I am based in Australia, and the registers that used to appear on this site were of Australian coupes - I have been collecting information on coupes worldwide for quite a few years now, and hope to one day return the registers to this site in a truly International form.

To this end, I respectfully ask every coupe owner to consider registering details of their XJC with me. I can assure anyone who provides details, that all personal and contact information, and the location of coupes will be held in strictest confidentiality. No details which would identify any XJC, or its owner will be accessible through this site, and will not be passed to any person without your permission.

It matters not where you reside, or what condition your XJC may be in, or whether it is a Jaguar or Daimler. I hope to hear about all coupes on which you may have information - even those that have been wrecked or parted out.

Kind regards,

Phil Evans
Sydney Australia